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The Accidental Botanist: A Deconstructed Flower Book
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The Accidental Botanist: A Deconstructed Flower Book

Global adventurer Robbie Honey has spent the last ten years dissecting some of the world’s most exotic flowers. No plant is beyond his reach; whether growing deep in the rainforest or by the roadside in a Harare suburb, Robbie will jump, climb and clamber over whatever lies in his way to secure his floral prize. Dissecting the flower then and there, Robbie creates a miniature photographic portrait of each one following the traditional rules of botany, but with an aesthetic flair that transforms them into contemporary art. Over 100 flowers and plants are dissected, and organised into chapters on colour – reds, purples, whites, yellows, blues – together with information on what they are, where found, how to use them and other unusual facts. Robbie’s Instagram feed has inspired over 20K loyal followers who are passionate about his flower dissections and the way he photographs them.

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