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Superfood Microgreen Seeds Mix

  • A COLORFUL & DELICIOUS microgreen salad mix containing heirloom non-GMO microgreen seeds. 1 LB bulk resealable package.
  • THIS MIX CONTAINS broccoli seeds (popular for their sulforaphane rich crop), radish seeds, purple kohlrabi seeds, collard seeds & turnip seeds. A versatile palette pleaser that packs a nutritional punch!
  • TOP QUALITY SEEDS with high germination rates. Grown & packed in the USA.
  • THIS MIX is designed for growing MICROGREENS (planting in a tray with growing medium). This mix is not designed for sprouting jars or countertop sprouters.
  • BROUGHT TO YOU BY FAMILY FARMERS who have been growing for generations. We offer full customer support & we'll do whatever we can to make sure you’re growing your best ever! We're always here to help.

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