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Garden Tools Set


  • 4 piece kit contains 4 hand garden tools for different uses-capable of digging, weeding, ventilating, loosening soil, and transplanting in your yard, patio, and garden.
  • Stainless steel heads slip easily through the soil, provides resistance to rust, minimal soil adhesion, and easier cleaning. Designed with longer tangs to providing better leverage.
  • The tip design of the rake is more conducive to loose soil which will break up the larger clumps of dirt. The precise scale on the transplanter trowel lets you know the right depth for the plants, which is more convenient to transplant plants.
  • The well-designed handle made of ash wood fits easily in your hand and will reduce hand pain and fatigue while digging, weeding, and planting. Handle bottom designed with cowhide lanyard for easy storage.

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