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Deluxe Campfire Box - Gardenias & Candle
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Deluxe Campfire Box - Gardenias & Candle


High Camp's signature Gardenia and Palo Santo Candle captures the essence of gardenias feminine scent modernized with the balance of warm Palo Santo. The "CampFire" box delights with a gorgeous hand painted gold glass three-whick candle surrounded by 3 dozen cut-to-order vine gardenias shipped straight from the farm, together with a bundle of burnable Palo Santo smudge sticks. 

The vine gardenias will open and blossom over 3-4 days while providing a continuous fragrance. Palo Santo, a Brazilian “Holy Wood" has a rich and complex scent known to provide health and spiritual benefits. Burn this sticks and use as a home fragrance wherever desired. 

Item ships within 1-5 business days via FedEx priority overnight

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