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Janet Mavec Pansy Drop Earring with "Pearl"
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Janet Mavec Pansy Drop Earring with "Pearl"


Feeling like you need a little spring in your step? Let these charming flower earrings kick your spirit into high gear. Pansies (also called violas or violets) are a harbinger of spring and of shhhivery love.

While its name may be derived from the French word for "thought" (“pensée”), it is the heart, not the head, from which the beautiful Pansy earns its primary association. It was the Pansy which Shakespeare chose in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as the flower whose nectar was a potent love potion that would, "make a man or woman madly dote upon the next live creature that it sees."

An ode to love itself, these alluring hand-etched, gold earrings are so realistic, they almost appear to flutter in a breeze when worn, dangling its tiny "pearl." Whether a gift for someone you love, or a loving gift for yourself, this set modeled after the wonderfully delicate, heart-shaped flower is sure to stun… but be careful, their intoxicating beauty is known to be quite potent.

18K Gold-plated Brass
Resin "Pearl"
Matte Antique Finish
1 1/4 inch Pansy
Hooked Backs

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