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Janet Mavec Egg Pendant Necklace


Easter and eggs go together like bread and butter. But colorful eggs aren’t just for a spring holiday. We wouldn’t want to put all our eggs in one (Easter) basket. For example, it’s well documented by a Dr. Seuss that green eggs do go with ham any time of year. And these egg pendants—which are available in gold, yellow, green, pink and blue—definitely go with your gorgeous neckline. Onlookers might think they’re little beads of beauty, oval-shaped charms, tear-dropped pendants.

String together a few to tell a wonderful story that is you, in every way. From a feisty-pink to a cool, calming blue, there are endlesspossibilities for you to change things up to match your outfit or mood. 

To new beginnings. To fresh starts. To endless possibilities. The Egg.

18K Gold-plated brass
& enamel
Matte Antique Finish
18" Chain, 1/2" Egg Pendant

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